BOKER PLUS CID Cal .45 Brass Tactical Pen


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The Boker Plus CID cal.45 is a tactical pen that sets new standards in design and technology. Rainer Wenning, who has already developed the Böker Plus pocket sticks SO4PRO-K, and the knifemaker Thomas Braunagel (BFK) designed it. The use of a bayonet mechanism is revolutionary. In purely functional terms, the bayonet mechanism significantly increases operating comfort, as neither a cap has to be unscrewed nor the lead unscrewed for writing.

The bayonet slide can be operated just as quickly as the classic push button and guarantees an absolutely secure grip when used as a tactical pen, since the thumb can rest securely on the pen head. At least as important in civilian use is the guaranteed satisfaction of the male play instinct through the use of the high quality bayonet lock. Now you can counter the annoying click of nervous users of plastic pens with the rich sound of the all metal bayonet fitting.

Another sensational specification is the Clip-Integrated-Design (CID). It offers the advantage of easy storage in a pocket without the need for a protruding clip that could press unpleasantly into the palm of the hand when gripped firmly. The clip is dimensioned in such a way that it offers a comfortable pulling resistance over the seam of a normal jeans pocket or functional trousers, for example. The body of the Tactical Pen CID cal.45 is CNC-milled from brass and combines with its unobtrusive structure high quality elegance and ergonomics. Brass as a material for tactical pens has its very own charm. Of course, the golden colour is striking, but a brass pen also has a completely different feel and appearance compared to titanium or aluminium due to its considerably higher material weight. And the patina that brass inevitably gets in daily use also gives the pen an unusual used or vintage look.

This version with revised mechanics is compatible with the Lamy refill M-22, which can easily be purchased in most good stationery shops.


Length: 127 mm

Weight: 70 Grams

Product Code: BP09BO064