BOKER Tenera Small Chefs Knife 13 CM- Ice Beech


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The high-quality chef’s knife series Boker Tenera combines modern design with a natural appearance and convinces with a perfect hand position. The C75 used for the blade is a classic non-stainless carbon steel which forms the typical blue-grey patina after only a short period of use and easily masters any challenge in the kitchen. The gently curved handle of the lightweight knife is made of finely grained ice beech wood, which is a true unicum of nature thanks to its natural and unmistakable appearance. Handmade in the Boker knife manufactory in Solingen.

The Chef’s Knife is one of the most important knives in the kitchen and is part of the basic equipment. It has a slightly wider and longer blade than the all-purpose knife. The slim tip is perfect for cutting onions or small vegetables. Thanks to its length, it can also be used as a meat knife. It can also be used for large vegetables.

Please note – as a natural material, there may be shade and pattern variations in the timber handles. Each one is unique. Care of wooden items- Do not place in dishwasher. Hand wash and dry promptly, and keep oiled with a food grade oil or board cream. 

NOTE: Carbon steel blades are the easiest to sharpen and have good edge retention but need a little more care. Keep clean, dry and lightly oiled to prevent any surface rust, a patina will develop over time which will make them more corrosion resistant.

Overall Length: 254 mm
Blade Length: 132 mm
Blade Thickness: 1.70 mm
Steel: C75 High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Ice Beech

Weight: 75 g
Made in: Germany
Product Code: BO131202