BOKER Cottage-Craft Santoku Knife 18 CM – Plum Wood


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The chef’s knife series Boker Cottage-Craft impressively continues the heritage of this traditional craftsmanship and convinces with a carefully chosen choice of classic materials. Particularly noteworthy is the use of the non-stainless carbon steel C75, which forms the typical blue-grey patina after only a short period of use. The domestic plum wood used for the handle scales is hard, dense and fine-pored, shows an even structure and a striking colour spectrum. Following the centuries-old tradition of knife manufacturing in Solingen, the handle scales are mounted on the continuous tang of the blade with solid brass rivets.

A knife that is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe is the Santoku. It is originally a Japanese blade shape for an all-purpose knife. Translated its name means “The three virtues”, it is equally suitable for meat, fish and vegetables. The wide blade makes the Santoku particularly easy to handle.

Please note – as a natural material, there may be shade and pattern variations in the timber handles. Each one is unique. Care of wooden items- Do not place in dishwasher. Hand wash and dry promptly, and keep oiled with a food grade oil or board cream. 

NOTE: Carbon steel blades are the easiest to sharpen and have good edge retention but need a little more care. Keep clean, dry and lightly oiled to prevent any surface rust, a patina will develop over time which will make them more corrosion resistant.

Overall Length: 290 mm
Blade Length: 180 mm
Blade Thickness: 2.40 mm
Steel: C75 High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Plum Wood

Weight: 172 g
Made in: Germany
Product Code: BO130497