BOKER Core Carving Fork


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The Boker Core series offers an exclusive mix of premium materials, solid natural wood and brushed stainless steel. The range features single knives – 20cm Chef’s Knife, 20cm Bread Knife, 16 cm Small Chef’s Knife and 9cm Paring Knife, Santoku, Carving Fork- and beautiful 3-, 5- and 6-Piece Walnut Block Sets.

The knives’ solid blade slugs are made from a chromium molybdenum vanadium alloy (X50CrMoV15), perfectly suited for premium kitchen knives, and are hand forged with Solingen craftsmanship, structurally optimised and hardened to 58 HRC. In order to give the blade a longer service life and even finer cut, our traditional hand grind is then highly polished.

The forged bolster ensures a secure and protective grip. Compared to a regular cutlery fork, the Carving Fork offers the advantage of its two long and very sharp tines that can easily penetrate deep into the meat. That makes it perfect for carving and serving large pieces of cooked meat. Thanks to its long tines and handle, the Carving Fork is also a great BBQ tool. The beautifully patterned and perfectly proportioned walnut handles round out the cohesive and appealing look. A superb knife for a lifetime of culinary art, with a Lifetime Guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Please note – as a natural material, there may be shade and pattern variations in the timber handles and block. Each one is unique. Care of wooden items- Do not place in dishwasher. Hand wash and dry promptly, and keep oiled with a food grade oil or board cream. 

Overall Length: 302 mm
Blade Length:  mm
Blade Thickness: mm
Steel: X50CrMoV15
Hardness: 58 HRC
Handle Material: Walnut wood

Weight: 117 g
Made in: Germany
Product Code: BO130770