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WORK SHARP WSSA0002705 Extra Fine 6000 Grit Replacement Belt Kit Qty 6 for Knife and Tool Sharpener


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These Extra-Fine Abrasive Belts are intended for serrated edges, polishing, and stropping. Our special Norton silicon carbide formulation strops and polishes your edge to a mirror finish. These are an exact replacement for the Extra-Fine grit included with the Knife and Tool Sharpener belt assortment. 6 Belts.


Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener abrasive belts are formulated, designed, and made in America by industry-leading abrasives manufacturer Norton for precision sharpening of high-strength steels. The grit symmetry, spacing, and backing flexibility are all designed to produce the optimal convex edge with minimal heating or material takeoff. If you’ve ever used a belt sander to sharpen, you know how quickly the steel heats and how much excess material can be removed if you aren’t careful. Our abrasives are a key component of our success in the sharpening world.


Belt Type: Extra Fine 6000

Abrasive Material: Silicon Carbide

Grit:  6000

Belt Size: 1/2″ X 12″

Uses: Knives, Scissors, Tools

Suits: Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener (Product Code WSKTS-I, sold separately)

Product Code: WSSA0002705