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WORK SHARP WSGPS Guided Pocket Sharpener


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Work Sharp’s Guided Pocket Sharpener is a ultra-compact field sharpening solution for all knife types and blade steels. The sharpener easily stows in any gear bag, tackle box, tool box, glove box or jacket pocket, and is designed to go anywhere you use a knife – in the field, backcountry, camp, or wherever your adventures take you. The open sharpening platform lets you sharpen any type of knife – pocket knives, hunting knives, outdoor knives, fishing knives and more. Precision 20 degree guides on the diamond sharpening plate and the ceramic honing rod make it easy to put a consistent and razor-sharp edge on your blade every time, making it a simple, compact and robust field sharpener that actually works. Great value.


Overall length: 160mm
Weight: 65g
Product Code: WSGPS