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FALLKNIVEN DF24 Diamond Sharpening Stone


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If you haven’t tried this diamond stone, you have a pleasant surprise in front of you. This lightweight, handy sharpener is incredibly good at sharpening all kinds of cutting tools because of the good handle. And diamonds deliver a really good edge on any blade steel you try it on, no problems. In addition, you don’t need to mess with oil or water, and if you think the DF24 feels soft, wash it off with warm water and some detergent. At first, the diamond stone is a little rough but after a short break-in period, it delivers a very smooth and sharp edge, good enough for almost all purposes. The diamonds are held in place in the matrix by a layer of titanium aluminum nitride which greatly extends the life of the sharpening stone. The diamond coated sharpening surface on this stone is 20 X 61 mm.

Dimensions: 150 mm X 20 mm X 5 mm

Weight: 24 Grams

Product Code: FK-DF24