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BOKER PLUS Chicken Hawk SK-5


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The Boker Plus Chicken Hawk by DJ Urbanovsky is equipped with the non-stainless SK-5 carbon steel for even more power. It has already proven itself in a number of our Tomahawks and gives the Chicken Hawk even more potential. The black powder coating increases protection against corrosion. The Chicken Hawk stands out due to its extreme compactness. Its total length of 23 cm makes it a lot more versatile in terms of transportation and carrying possibilities than a classic-size Hawk. The included Kydex scabbard can be attached to a belt or straps, as well as worn on the side. The ergonomic handle not only permits classic hacking, but also provides close gripping for finer work, be it for whittling, scraping, or cutting. For maximum effectiveness, the axe’s handle is also sharpened from the top all the way down to the mandrel.

Overall Length Open: 230 mm
Blade Length: 55 mm
Blade Thickness: 6.20 mm
Style: Full Tang
Steel: SK-5
Handle Material: G10
Weight: 576 Grams
Made in: China
Product Code: BP09BO114