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BOKER Fellow Ebony Folding Knife


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Even today, traditional pocket knives continue to enjoy unbroken popularity, and the demand for classic useful everyday helpers is higher than ever before. This character is underlined at the Boker Fellow Ebony by the choice of the not stainless carbon steel C75 for the blade. The fine structure of non-stainless steel allows for a very sharp blade that is easy to sharpen compared to chrome steel, which many users appreciate. Carbon steel is recognizable by its gray-blue patina that just comes with using the knife and tells connoisseurs a lot about the properties of this steel. The patina also creates a protective layer on the surface of the blade. The handle scales are made of fine Ebony, which with its dark appearance has always been regarded as a special handle material and in combination with the shimmering shine of the nickel silver bolsters embodies the essence of this knife in the most exquisite way.

NOTE: Wood is a natural material, colour may vary considerably.

Overall Length Open: 191 mm
Blade Length: 83 mm
Blade Thickness: 1.80 mm
Style: Backlock
Steel: C75
Handle Material: Ebony
Made in: Germany
Product Code: BO111050